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Mortgages Mark John
21 Feb 2023

Are you ready to take the leap into homeownership but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process? Fear not! With the help of a mortgage adviser, navigating the mortgage client journey as a first-time buyer can be a lot less daunting than you might think.

In this guide, we'll hold your hand and take you through the steps involved in securing a mortgage, so that you can focus on the fun part - decorating your new home!

From choosing the right adviser to signing on the dotted line, we'll break down the process in a way that's easy to understand and even a little bit fun. So, let's get started and take the first step towards making your homeownership dreams a reality!

Team Mewtsone Mortgage Advice. Always ready to help.

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Step 1: Discovery Call

This is our first conversation with you. We will get an understanding of where you are now and where you want to be. We can tell you a bit about us and how we work – and how we can help you secure your mortgage. This is typically a 10 minute chat and is completely free of charge. 

Step 2: Get Mortgage Ready - Get Prepared

In order to give you the most accurate and most appropriate advice we want to take our time to get to know you. No two customers circumstances are the same. 

Before we discuss your options and give you advice we will check all of your circumstances and documentation in full.  

We give you instant access to your own secure client portal to provide us with your personal information. In addition to this we can communicate to you securely via the portal and provide you with life time access to your online vault - where your documents and our advice is securely saved. 

Step 3: Advice & Recommendations

Now that we know you and where you want to be – we can tell you three really important things:  

  • How much you can borrow – so you know what your budget is – and what price you can buy at 
  • What fees you will pay throughout the process – and what level of deposit you need 
  • What your mortgage monthly payments will be – so you know that your mortgage is affordable 

In addition to the above – we can ensure that your monthly budget includes sufficient protection so you can keep your home no matter what life throws at you 

There are thousands of options in the mortgage and insurance market today, it's confusing and at times a little overwhelming - we will help you make decisions and will provide you with a single recommendation tailored for your specific needs 

Our advice will be documented in full to explain why these are the right options for you and your loved ones. 

Step 4: Pre Approving your Mortgage - Agreement in Principle

Once all documentation has been satisfied, the next stage is to get your mortgage pre-approved – this is known in the industry as an agreement in principle.  

We will submit your information to the recommended lender in order to assess affordability and perform a credit check. If successful, the lender will usually produce a certificate which shows that they are provisionally happy to provide you with a mortgage. They will want to see documentation and value the property you wish to buy/remortgage once things progress, however, this gives you the peace of mind that you can proceed and make an offer on a property. 
You can provide your agreement in principle certificate to the estate agents you are viewing property with in order to evidence that you are in a proceedable position and your mortgage is pre-approved. 

Now that you have your mortgage agreed in principle and we have verified all of your documentation – you are now in a position to confidently start viewing property! 

You can focus on the fun part of buying your new home knowing that your mortgage is ready and waiting once you have an offer accepted on a property. We will hold your hand through the process from giving you guidance on how to make an offer, helping you choose the right type of survey and even help finding solicitors. 

Step 5: Offer Accepted - Mortgage Application Submission

You have now had your offer accepted on a property – we finalise your mortgage and insurance arrangements down to the penny.  

We update your documents prior to your application being made, update any changes in your circumstances and reconfirm our advice – this is the point where we help you take a leap of faith and begin the process of buying a property. 

We will liaise directly with the lenders to answer any questions that they might have as part of the application process. It is common for lenders to ask for additional documentation as part of the process – don't worry this is normal. We have built up excellent relationships with lenders over the last 14 years of giving advice and this puts our customers in the best position to have successful mortgage applications  

Step 6: Mortgage Offer

This is where the lender confirms they are offering you the mortgage and sets out their conditions. This is a very exciting moment for all our clients and it's at this stage we will double and triple check that the offer is everything you expected to move you a step closer to owning your home. 

Step 7: Exchange & Completion

When purchasing property, exchange of contracts is when the process becomes legally binding. We will ensure that all protection options are put in place so you are fully insured for the day you get your keys.  

Completion will see the mortgage money being transferred either to pay off an existing mortgage (re-mortgage) or to a solicitor to finalise a purchase transaction and request for the keys to the new property to be released. 

This is the best part of your journey and usually where your journey ends with your bank / mortgage adviser... NOT IN THE MEWSTONE FAMILY!  

Step 8: The Mortgage Journey Continues

As the Mewstone family grows we aim to stay in contact with you every 6 months because things change, we want you to feel confident you have trusted advice at your fingertips. This could be at a time where you may be thinking of moving home, having children, build an extension or your mortgage is coming to the end of its fixed rate period. We are always here to support you. 


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