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Sunny Avenue puts you at the heart of what we do. We know you are so much more to the community than just the services you offer.

That's why we believe the UK population should all have a professional to call upon to support them through their Financial triumphs, and tribulations.

Stuart Crispe
Founder, Sunny Avenue

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Are you an Adviser? Sunny Avenue is for you.

Advertising and marketing messages are optimised for a 1-2 second scan of digital media...don't let your message get lost in the noise.

Having an adviser profile with Sunny Avenue is for any UK financial, Mortgage, Insurance, or Later-life adviser who wants to have a professional, highly engaging, and unique presence on the Internet; helping them to more easily educate prospective and existing clients with content that is fresh, relevant, and informative.

Clients are beginning to expect/demand online access to you... it's no longer an option to not have an online presence.

Prospective customers want education; they want reassurance that they can trust you with their money (and guidance). They want information relevant to their needs or situation.

We are opening the doors to a vibrant new world of human advice.

Create your profile and begin the journey to excelling as an Adviser.

It's our mission to unleash the potential of every adviser, and we know that it's not easy out there. We want to give you all the tools to showcase what you do for people. We are unique and genuine. That's why we have created the Sunny Club. It's to allow for all Advisers to be listed, and that's why it is free.

There is nothing to hide with Sunny Avenue. We are transparent, ethical and on your side.




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Sunny Club

Every Adviser will want to be in the Sunny Club.

Build your own profile and benefit from your location and online convenience. Your services, your specialism. Go live on Sunny Avenue. We know how hard you work, so here is something back for you. 

The Sunny Club is free. 
Sunny Club Plus

Some of you are outstanding. Sunny Club Plus lets you be.

  • Enhanced profiles - integrated social accounts
  • Increase reach by adding your insights
  • Unlimited enquiries via Sunny In-Mail
  • Access available client introductions via our Sunny Fact Find
  • Verified Google or Trust Pilot reviews
The Sunny Club+ is free.
Sunny Plus Business

All the benefits of Sunny Plus - with additional profiles for your team.

Give your talented Advisers the chance to stand out for themselves.

The Sunny Club+ Business is free.
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Share your expertise

The more valuable content you share, the higher visibility of your profile. Your insights hit our homepage and we optimise for search engines. 

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Enjoy making a vlog?

Our profiles allow for YouTube embedding. You can put your informational videos directly under your 'About you'. 

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Already active on Social Media?

Let's make the most of that. We've integrated the option to link your Facebook and Instagram walls.

What is the Sunny Fact Find?

Sunny Avenue know how hard you work. That's why we have started the process for you. Our Sunny Fact Find asks clients the relevant questions to get your conversations started.

So how does it work?

Some clients will want to look through your profiles, and enquire to you online. Others won't, and that's fine. What we have done is put effective questions to them, and if you are an Adviser who can assist based on their answers, we welcome you to do so. Assist that client for the long-term. Utilise the Sunny Avenue tools, and get the relationship started.

Sunny Avenue puts clients in your safe hands. We set expectations with clients that this won't always be a quick process. Take the time to understand them and be there through all their financial needs and life changes. No client is worth more than another to us. Everyone should have the opportunity to call upon a professional for support.

More than just a Directory

Community support

As we grow, we look forward to working with you all.

We want to support you in ways you wouldn't expect us to. We are looking for community partners right now to help add value to Sunny Avenue and you. 

Something in return

Not only do we have our Sunny Club profile for you, but soon we will have additional ways for you to help your clients with generous incentive for Advisers making the most of these services.

Flexibility, when you need it.

Our subscriptions are flexible. Suspend your membership as when you need to.

Still not convinced? Contact us anytime to discuss your options.