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Sunny Avenue was built with one intention:

To help people, help people.

We do this by giving specialist advisers a

platform to meet new clients and help with their financial needs.

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Use our Directory to find your Adviser

We onboard Advisers and give them an online space to tell you about the services they offer. Take time to review different Advisers, read their content and make contact via the Sunny In-Mail tool.

Use our Sunny Fact Find to help us find you an Adviser

Unsure of which Adviser you need? Use the Sunny Fact Find and we will put your answers in front of relevant advisers, a specialist who can assist you will contact you directly.

read the insights added by advisers 

The insights are provided by Sunny Avenue and the expert Advisers. If you have a related question you can contact the author directly via their profile attached to the Insight

Personal Finances can be a complex matter
No matter what your financial situation is, talking to an experienced professional is a good idea. We are here to help you get started.

Sunny Avenue gives you the opportunity to find Financial Advisers or services in your area

Sunny Avenue introduces the UK to Financial Advisers and Services. We give you a space to connect, to learn, ask questions, and choose the best adviser or services for your needs.

But what exactly do we do?

We give Advisers an online space to create a profile of who they are and how they can help you. We have the latest information on the financial services they offer, and offer a way to talk directly with the experts. Sunny Avenue is an outstanding one-stop shop for people like you, seeking advice about Financial Services, or even just here to learn.

The end goal is that we have helped you make a decision on which adviser you want to work with.

So, why is this needed?

Unfortunately, it is the day and age of Banks vacating the high street, and obtaining Financial advice is becoming increasingly difficult. We believe strongly that shouldn't mean it's any less obtainable. 

How does Sunny Avenue differ?

We are not here to sell you anything, nor are we focusing on prices, and actually, we offer no financial products. We sit between you the Financial Advisers and firms waiting to help. The Firms onboarded are approved by Sunny Avenue to be client worthy. We allow these firms and Advisers a space to share the information that can help you as you proceed through the different financial life stages. Whether that is finding a home, protecting your family & income, or planning for retirement. We have it covered.

Sunny Avenue is here to ensure everyone has the opportunity to seek advice, whatever your circumstances. Whatever level of wealth you have, or aspire to. We will help you find advice and a Financial relationship that is invaluable.

"It's complicated and I'm too busy…"

We know! Finances can be a complex matter. Obtaining professional advice is worth it. It provides the most bespoke solutions to your financial needs, and in ways that the high street banks cannot help. Sunny Avenue can simplify the introduction process as much as possible. We even have our own Sunny Fact Find, which helps those of you who know what you want! It’s a series of questions that allow our experts to assess who is best to help you with your needs, saving you time reading through the Adviser's profiles.

What can an Adviser help me with?

Sunny Avenue onboard Mortgage Advisers, Financial Advisers, Later life Advisers, and Insurance Advisers. There is an ever-growing suite of products that these Advisers could look to help you with. Sunny Avenue have listed as many of these as possible on our Home page. You can use these terms to help you search through our site for more information and to help you find relevant experts in these financial areas.

What else can you expect?

Throughout this process, it is the Adviser's duty of care to ensure a full fact find of your circumstances is undertaken, please expect that this may involve discussing more than your immediate concerns! It is important that your full picture is understood in order to best help you!

What else does Sunny Avenue offer?

We know that advice isn't for everyone. Some of you are more than happy to manage your own finances and the services you use. To help you get started, we provide reviews and introductions across the site to our partner businesses, whether it's help with selling your home, or help checking your credit score, we won't limit the help and information we provide. Over time we aim to introduce additional ways to help you make money, save money, or just generally make your financial life easier. That is what we're here for.

Remember…We welcome everybody and believe you all should have the opportunity for help with your finances.


The Sunny Fact Find leaves us to choose the best fit for you based on a series of answers provided.
Your Adviser then contacts you directly to begin the process of finding a plan that's right for your needs.

Financial Advisers in our Directory

Qualified Financial specialists in Investments & Retirement

Mortgage Advisers in our Directory

Qualified Mortgage specialists

Insurance Advisers in our Directory

Insurance specialists looking after personal & business insurance needs

Later Life Advisers in our Directory

Later life specialists who look after your financial needs as you get older

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Qualified Commercial Advisers