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18 Oct 2023

In a significant development for pensioners, experts are predicting an 8.5% increase in the state pension starting from April 2024. This substantial rise under the State Pension Triple Lock could result in millions of people receiving a weekly boost of up to £17.35. Additionally, several other benefits, including Universal Credit, are also expected to increase by 6.7% from April next year.

Understanding the Triple Lock Mechanism

Since 2010, the state pension increases have primarily been determined by the 'triple lock' commitment. This ensures that the state pension rises in line with the highest of three factors: September's Consumer Prices Index (CPI) inflation measure, average wage growth between May and July (including bonuses), or a minimum of 2.5%. The increase typically becomes effective the following April.

Recent Inflation Figures

The Office for National Statistics has confirmed that the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) remained at a high of 6.7% in September. This significant figure has fueled anticipation among retirees and financial experts regarding the state pension increase.

Potential Impact on State Pension Payments

Given that September's CPI was 6.7%, state pensions are expected to increase by average earnings growth, which stands at a higher 8.5%. There have been unconfirmed reports suggesting that the government may use earnings growth excluding bonuses, resulting in a 7.8% increase.

If the current triple lock format is maintained, more than 12 million pensioners could experience a weekly state pension increase of up to £17.35 from April 2024.

Potential Changes in State Pension Payments

Here's what the new state pension payments could look like in April 2024:

  • Current (2023/24): £203.85 per week, £10,636.60 annually.
  • New (if raised by 8.5%): £221.20 per week (+£17.35), £11,541.90 annually (+£905.30).
  • New (if raised by 7.8%): £219.75 per week (+£15.90), £11,466.24 annually (+£829.64).

What Lies Ahead?

The debate over the long-term sustainability of the triple lock continues. The government's commitment to maintaining this mechanism in its current format is under scrutiny. As the triple lock debate unfolds, experts predict that changes may be on the horizon.

The government's choice regarding the future of the Triple Lock will depend on various economic and political considerations. As the situation evolves, the fate of the Triple Lock will become clearer.

Beyond the State Pension: Potential Impact on Benefits

Besides the state pension, inflation-linked benefits and Tax Credits may also rise by 6.7% from April 2024, in line with September's CPI. This potential boost could affect various benefits, including:

  • Attendance allowance
  • Employment and support allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • Jobseeker's allowance
  • Maternity allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Personal independence payment
  • Statutory maternity / paternity / adoption / shared parental pay
  • Statutory sick pay
  • Tax Credits
  • Universal Credit

Earnings Growth Peaks:

The impact of 14 interest rate hikes, taking official borrowing costs from 0.1% to 5.25%, is palpable. In the three months leading up to August, total earnings, which include regular pay and bonuses, surged by 8.1% compared to the same period in 2022. Even in the three months ending in July, earnings showed an 8.5% increase. For regular pay, excluding bonuses, the growth rate was less pronounced, falling from 7.9% in the year to July to 7.8% in the year to August.

Diminishing Upward Pressure on Pay:

The decrease in job vacancies, totaling a drop of 43,000 to 988,000 in the three months ending in September, indicates a reduction in the demand for workers. Over the year, job vacancies have decreased by 256,000. Although this reduction is noteworthy, it's crucial to note that there are still 187,000 more job vacancies than pre-pandemic levels. Consequently, earnings growth, if it has indeed peaked, will likely subside gradually unless a full-blown recession occurs.

State Pension Triple Lock Dilemma:

The government faces a pivotal decision regarding the state pension and the triple lock mechanism. This provision mandates that the state pension increase annually by the highest of earnings, inflation, or 2.5%. However, recent data reveals that earnings growth may be influenced by one-off payments to NHS staff and civil servants, contributing to a significant spike in bonus payments.

The state pension landscape is evolving rapidly, with the potential for substantial increases and debates surrounding its sustainability. Keep an eye on the latest developments as the Chancellor conducts his statutory annual review, and stay informed about the potential impact on your financial well-being.

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