Sukh Jawanda @ AFH Wealth Management

Sukh Jawanda @ AFH Wealth Management (FCA Reg No:SSJ01030)

Sukh Jawanda @ AFH Wealth Management (FCA Reg No: SSJ01030)

Sunny Avenue verified the details on this profile
Sunny Avenue verified the details on this profile
Sukh Jawanda @ AFH Wealth Management
Financial Planner specialising in personal finance and planning for retirement
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Hi, I'm Sukh Jawanda.
Do not hesitate to contact me, I help many clients with a wide range of financial needs.

About Me

I have worked in financial services since 2007, when I started out as a mortgage advisor. I then moved on to work for Lloyds Bank, where I spent just under four years providing financial advice to clients, with a particular focus on investments and planning.
I now work with Interestme. We’ve been advising a broad range of clients with differing needs, circumstances, and goals since 2010 – whatever your situation, we’ve been through it before.
My speciality lies in helping people to plan their personal finances, especially retirement planning.
I work with a network of advisers and if we uncover some other areas to help you with, which i do not look after, such as Mortgages. I will be able to make introductions to assist you.
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with the family and going to the occasional football game. 


Sukh Jawanda - Financial Planner



Qualifications And Accreditations
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    LIBF - CEMAP (Mortgage advice)
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    LIBF - DIPFA (Financial Advice)
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  • Aldgate, Greater London
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