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29 Feb 2024

When asking for address proof, "I don’t have a Utility Bill in my name" is a common response amongst mortgage applicants, especially if you're a first-time buyer.

In most cases, it won't be a problem. As we move towards electronic verification and providing online bank statements there are plenty of alternative ways to confirm your address and identification.

In this insight, we explore why they're required, and options around what you provide if you don't have a utility bill in your name.

Key Takeaways

  • Utility bills serve as a means to evidence your address in a mortgage application. While they are commonly requested, they are not the only option available.
  • Alternative documents and methods can be used to verify your address, such as a driver's licence (not used for identification), bank statements, rental agreements, employer letters, and other bills or statements.
  • Check with your specific lender or mortgage adviser to ensure they accept the alternative documents you plan to provide.
  • Contact your utility company to add your name for future bills or explore additional supporting documentation like letters from your landlord or government agencies. Online bank statements in PDF format can also be accepted as address proof in many cases.
  • Lenders want to accept your application and will work with you to find acceptable alternatives for address proof. It's crucial to seek the right advice and communicate with your mortgage adviser to ensure a smooth application process.

Why are Utility Bill's needed?

The requirement of a utility bill in a mortgage application is not unique to the process but rather serves as a means to evidence your address. It's one of the ways that mortgage advisers can verify your address.

Utility bills are considered a reliable form of documentation as they provide tangible proof of your address and demonstrate that you have an established presence at the property. Utility bills are not the only way to evidence your address.

There are alternative documents and methods that can be used. Mortgage advisers have to follow the lender's procedure and policy and this will mainly dictate which type of address evidence is acceptable.

This may be why you could have been specifically asked to provide a utility bill. Don't worry, you should be able to provide some alternatives. 

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Alternatives to providing a utility bill

When verifying identification, a mortgage adviser is looking to do two things:

  • Verify your identity
  • Verify your address. 

Some forms of ID can perform both functions, for example, a driver's licence. However, not all lenders will accept one form of ID for both requirements.

When this is the case, you will need to provide an ID such as a passport for identification and then further address proof.

Here are some alternatives that usually are accepted:

  • A driver's licence (where not used as ID proof)
  • Bank Statements from the last 3 months
  • Your rental agreement
  • A letter from your employer
  • A doctor's letter
  • HMRC Tax-coding notice
  • Other bills, such as a credit card statement

It's always best to check with your specific lender or mortgage adviser to ensure they accept the alternative documents you plan to provide.

What to do if you don't have a utility bill in your name

If you don't have a utility bill in your name here are some steps you can take.

Check with your lender or mortgage adviser

First things first. Ask your mortgage adviser what other documents are acceptable. This should be the first thing you do as you may save yourself time if you have an alternative address proof ready.

As mentioned earlier, there are several alternative documents you can provide, such as a lease agreement, bank statements, rental receipts, government-issued documents, employer letter, income tax returns, insurance policies, or other bills and statements.

Contact your utility company

If a utility bill is required, but you are an account holder without your name on the bill, contact your utility company to request adding your name for future bills that are due to be issued.

Provide additional documentation

If your alternative documents do not provide sufficient proof of address, you may need to provide additional supporting documentation, such as a letter from your landlord, a doctor's letter, or a confirmation of address from a government agency (HMRC).

Are online bank statements accepted as address proof?

Many lenders now accept online bank statements. They must be in the official printed format and not a screenshot.

Most banks offer the option to download your bank statements as a PDF which could then be sent via e-mail to your mortgage adviser.

Is address proof always required?

Many lenders now run electoral register checks. If the electoral roll is up to date the address used, alongside identification proof you may not need to provide a utility bill at all.

Find out: Am I On The Electoral Register?

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Is a Mobile Phone Bill a Utility Bill?

Mobile phone bills are not considered utility bills as it's not necessary to have a fixed address to receive one. However, a Landline Phone Bill is considered a utility Bill.

Utility bills are property-related bills, such as gas, electricity, and water.

For mortgage purposes, a mobile phone Bill will not be considered as identification.

Is a TV licence a Utility Bill?

A TV Licence is not considered a utility bill as your TV is not considered a utility. However, for identification a TV licence bill with your name and address on will be considered acceptable.

I don't have a utility bill in my name - next steps

If "I don't have a utility bill in my name" was you, you should now have a clearer idea of how to proceed. Its not a reason to worry. Lenders want to accept your application and will try to verify your address or suggest alternative options to make it work, but first, you should ask specifically your mortgage adviser what is acceptable, and check what else you can provide. 


How do lenders verify a borrower's address if they don't have a utility bill in their name?

Lenders can verify a borrower's address through alternative documents such as bank statements, rental agreements, employer letters, or government-issued documents. They may also accept online bank statements or conduct electoral register checks.

Can online bank statements be used as address proof for mortgage applications?

Yes, many lenders now accept online bank statements as address proof for mortgage applications. However, the statements must be in the official printed format, usually in PDF, and not a screenshot.

Are mobile phone bills considered utility bills for mortgage application address verification purposes?

No, mobile phone bills are not considered utility bills for mortgage application address verification purposes. Utility bills typically refer to property-related bills such as gas, electricity, and water. However, a mobile phone bill with the borrower's name and address may still be considered acceptable for identification purposes.


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