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13 Feb 2024

The process of buying a property is filled with many important aspects, one of which is the property survey. This detailed assessment provides a clear picture of the property's condition, offering valuable insight to the buyer.

A common question that often arises is, 'does the seller get a copy of the survey?' and you're right to wonder. After all, buying and selling property should be transparent and allow for communication regarding any issues that could arise.

Not only that, you don't want the wool to be pulled over your eyes. So let's dive into the question and cover your rights as a seller hoping for a glimpse of the survey.

Key Takeaways

  • Sellers do not automatically receive a copy of the survey; it belongs to the buyer.
  • Sellers may not have direct access to the survey results; the buyer decides whether to share them.
  • Requesting a copy may raise concerns for the buyer and affect the transaction's transparency.
  • Open communication is vital when a buyer raises an issue based on the survey, and sellers should be cautious about negotiation tactics without substantial evidence.

Does The Seller Get a Copy Of The Survey?

No, the seller does not automatically get a copy of the survey. The property survey belongs to the buyer, and the seller will only know the survey results if the buyer decides to share them.

For sellers, it's important to know that they might not have direct access to the survey results. Even though sellers might be curious about the survey findings, they should respect the buyer's right to decide whether to share the results or not

The property survey is a thorough examination done by a qualified surveyor to find any issues that could affect the property's value or safety. The buyer usually arranges this survey after their offer is accepted. It's not mandatory, but experts recommend it to avoid unexpected problems in the future.

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Can You Ask The Buyer for a Copy of the Survey?

You can ask the buyer to provide you a copy of the survey. However, it might be a bit unexpected, especially if the buyer has not flagged any issues. It could actually have a negative impact on the buyer, perhaps they will start to wonder if you are trying to hide something from them.

Ultimately, it is down to the buyer to choose whether they want to share the survey results with you.

Buyer Raises An Issue But Refuses To Share The Survey

When the buyer raises an issue with the property, open communication is crucial for reaching a mutual agreement on how to proceed. If the buyer is unwilling to share the survey results, it may raise concerns about the legitimacy of the raised issue. As a seller, you have the final say on the agreed price, so be cautious about any tactics like gazundering without thorough supporting information.

For instance, if the buyer claims an issue with the property's valuation to negotiate a lower price, it's essential to proceed with caution.

Consider arranging your own valuation of the property by a RICs surveyor to gain a better understanding of its true value before making any decisions. This additional information can help you negotiate more effectively and make informed choices during the transaction.

Can I Get a Copy of The Survey Through My Estate Agent?

Estate agents typically represent the seller in a property transaction, and they are not entitled to access the survey report without the buyer's consent. Just like the seller, the estate agent is in the same position when it comes to accessing the survey results.

Do Estate Agents Have To Disclose Survey Results?

No, estate agents are not allowed to disclose survey results unless the buyer has given consent. However, sellers may be required to disclose known defects. Agents must adhere to legal and ethical standards regarding transparency and buyer consent.

How Do You Handle a Dispute With Survey Results?

Handling a dispute with survey results as a seller requires a strategic and diplomatic approach:

Thoroughly Understand the Survey Report

Ask for a copy of the survey. Hopefully, the buyer will agree. Then take the time to carefully review the survey report and grasp the issues raised by the buyer. Seek clarification from the surveyor or a real estate professional if needed.

Open Dialogue with the Buyer

Initiate open and respectful communication with the buyer or their representative. Show your willingness to address their concerns and listen to their perspective.

Seek Professional Advice

If you feel uncertain about the survey findings, consult with a qualified surveyor or real estate expert to gain a better understanding of the report and its implications.

Negotiation and Compromise

Try to negotiate a resolution that meets both parties' needs. Be open to compromises, such as offering repairs or adjustments to the price, to reach a fair agreement.

Seller's Survey: An Option

While the buyer usually commissions the survey, the seller may also choose to have their property surveyed while it's on sale. This can provide an updated record of the property's condition and any changes since the last survey.

If the seller believes their home is worth more than the current listing price, obtaining a new survey could be beneficial. If the seller decides to bear the cost and risk of a new survey and successfully sells the property at a higher price due to improvements or size, they might consider providing the buyer with a copy of the report as part of the settlement procedures.

Does The Seller Get a Copy of The Survey In Scotland?

In Scotland, however, the rules are slightly different. The seller has the responsibility to commission a home report before listing their property for sale. This report includes a survey and energy report prepared by a chartered surveyor and a property questionnaire filled by the seller.

Failure to provide an up-to-date home report within nine days of a buyer's request can result in a £500 fine.

Why Might a Seller Want a Copy of The Survey?

The seller might want a copy of the survey for several reasons:

  • Transparency: Having a copy of the survey allows the seller to be aware of any issues or defects found by the surveyor. This fosters transparency in the transaction.
  • Better Understanding: The survey report can provide valuable insights into the property's condition from an independent expert's perspective. This can help the seller understand the property's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Negotiation: Knowing the survey findings can help the seller anticipate potential negotiation points raised by the buyer. It provides the seller with valuable information during price negotiations.
  • Marketing: In some cases, the survey report can be used as a selling point, especially if it highlights positive aspects of the property's condition.
  • Avoiding Surprises: By obtaining a copy of the survey, the seller can avoid surprises during the transaction process. Being aware of any significant issues in advance allows the seller to address them proactively.
  • Preparing for Questions: The seller can be better prepared to answer any questions from potential buyers regarding the property's condition if they have seen the survey report.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Understanding the survey results can help the seller make informed decisions about repairs, improvements, or pricing strategies.

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Who Gets a Copy of The Survey?

Only the buyer, lender, and solicitors are provided a copy of the survey. As for the main question: "does the seller get a copy of the survey?" The straightforward answer is no. The property survey is the buyer's property, and the decision to share the results with the seller rests solely with the buyer.

The surveyor is also prohibited from disclosing the survey's results or potential content to the seller without the buyer's knowledge or consent. This also extends to any valuations undertaken on behalf of the buyer or their mortgage lender.


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