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29 Nov 2023

Moving house is a significant undertaking at any time of year, but when it comes to the festive season, it can add an extra layer of complexity and stress. However, with proper planning and organisation, it is absolutely possible to move house at Christmas and still enjoy the holiday season.

In this insight we will provide you with essential tips and advice to ensure a smooth and stress-free move during this festive time, tackling the question, can you move house at Christmas?

Key Takeaways

  • Moving during Christmas in the UK is feasible for renters but challenging for buyers due to potential solicitor shutdowns. Early planning and effective communication are vital.
  • Limited agreement among parties, especially solicitors, may cause delays. Proactive communication is essential.
  • Success in a Christmas move requires meticulous planning, including a detailed timeline, clear communication, and task lists to navigate potential delays.

Can You Move House At Christmas?

Yes, you can move house in the UK during Christmas, whether you're renting or buying. However, for buyers it is unlikely. All parties need to agree and the chances are someone will not be happy with working through christmas. Probably your solicitor firm. it's advisable to plan well in advance, consider potential delays due to holiday schedules, and communicate effectively with all parties involved in the move. 

Coordinating a Christmas move in the UK can be challenging due to solicitor firms often having a shutdown period over the two weeks of Christmas. To avoid delays, it's crucial to communicate with all parties involved, including solicitors, and plan completion either before or after the holiday period. 

Not many solicitor firms will agree to proceed over a christmas period. However, if you're renting in a private agreement, moving over Christmas should not be an issue.

How to Plan For Moving House Over Christmas

The key to a successful Christmas house move is meticulous planning. Start by creating a detailed timeline that outlines all the necessary tasks and deadlines. Maintain clear communication with your estate agent, conveyancer, and removals company to stay informed about the progress of your move.

If there are delays or bottlenecks in the process, create task lists to keep yourself organised and ready to move forward as soon as possible.

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early

To minimise added stress, begin your Christmas shopping earlier than usual. Make a comprehensive list of gifts you need to purchase and aim to complete your shopping well in advance. By doing this, you can also wrap and distribute the gifts before you start packing.

Additionally, don't forget to plan your Christmas food shopping early. Consider ordering your groceries online a month in advance, ensuring they are delivered to your new home just in time.

Organise Your Packing Efficiently

Never underestimate the volume of items you need to pack when moving house. Start organising your packing at least a week before your official moving date. If you have large furniture that needs to be dismantled, begin the process in advance.

Take this opportunity to declutter your belongings, especially items stored in the loft. Keep your Christmas decorations aside, packing them last so they are easily accessible when you move into your new home.

Book a Reliable Removal Company

Moving over Christmas can be challenging due to hazardous weather conditions and reduced staff availability. Hiring a professional removal company is highly recommended to ensure a smooth house move. Start comparing removal quotes as early as possible to secure the best date for your move.

Stay in regular contact with your chosen company to address any concerns or potential issues, such as winter weather warnings. Consider additional services such as packing or storage if needed.

Prepare for Winter Weather

Winter weather, including snow and ice, can pose challenges during a house move. Stay informed about weather forecasts and plan ahead accordingly. Discuss potential weather-related issues with your removal company and ensure they have contingency plans in place.

Stock up on salt, grit, and snow shovels to keep pathways clear. Keep torches handy for increased safety during darker winter days. Pack extra warm clothes and exercise caution when moving with children, pets, or plants.

Make Plans for Children and Pets

Moving house can be unsettling for children and pets. Arrange childcare for moving day to ensure a safer environment and minimise distractions. Take the time to explain the move to your children, answering any questions they may have.

Consider sending pets to a trusted family member, friends, or a local cattery or kennel to reduce their stress levels during the move.

Do Removal Companies Work Over Christmas?

Many removal companies operate during the Christmas period, but with reduced staff and limited availability. It is crucial to book your removal company as early as possible to secure your preferred date.

Start comparing removal quotes immediately to ensure you find a company that meets your requirements and availability. Proper planning and early booking are key during this busy time.

Can You Exchange And Complete Over Christmas?

Whilst it is possible to complete over Christmas, it is highly unlikely. All parties in the move will need to agree to this and the chances of one party not agreeing is high. Solicitor firms often shut down over the holiday period and this prevents many moves.

Make Your New House a Home for Christmas

Once the hard work of moving is complete, take the time to decorate your new home and embrace the holiday spirit. Set up your Christmas decorations and create a warm and festive atmosphere. Unwind, relax, and enjoy the holiday season in your new property, making it feel like home.


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