AMG Wills Limited

AMG Wills Limited (FCA Reg No:N/A)

AMG Wills Limited (FCA Reg No: N/A)

Sunny Avenue verified the details on this profile
Sunny Avenue verified the details on this profile
AMG Wills Limited
We make the process of writing a Will human. We listen to your requirements and help you make informed decisions through every step of the process.
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Here at AMG Wills Limited, we love nothing more than sitting down with clients to discuss Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney.  

Who are AMG Wills?

Our journey started in 2013 as we continue to grow every year.  Our goal is quite simple yet effective.  Every day, we want to speak to people who perhaps wish to review an existing Will, or those new to all of this, writing their first ever Will.  

We explain all the jargon and put things into a more understandable and meaningful way of how it could impact your life and your estate.

Stuart is a Director of the business, the Will writer and a Member of the Society of Will Writers.  We come across all sorts of scenarios and circumstances, so would love to hear yours!

Our Charges

We charge by fixed fees rather than by the hour.  Your initial consultation is free and if you decide you are happy and wish to proceed, we can then draft up the relevant documents for you to review.

Stuart Phelan - Director & Will writer

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